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I am pursuing a PhD in theoretical astrophysics and cosmology at the University of Washington. In my research, I am investigating if ours is the only universe, or possibly one of many many in a much larger multiverse. I am concerned with understanding the cosmos in its entirety, transcending the artificial boundaries between mind and matter. However, my primary passion in life is education, which I feel can only be whole if our inner and outer lives are perceived and understood as a single movement, without any form of fragmentation.


I perceive life to be a movement of relationships between all parts of the whole, and understanding the immensity of these relationships is the art of living, which is the true function of education. In this vein, I have published a short book recently called Understanding Oneself, in which I explore the question of what it means to understand oneself, and how such an understanding can begin an understanding of the cosmos at large.

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