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Weekend Class Series for Kids:
Understanding the Cosmos and Ourselves

The intention of this series of classes is to break through this fragmentation and rise into the ever present wholeness of the cosmos. How do we do this? By cultivating our minds such that we perceive the wholeness of the cosmos directly, seeing the fact that the cosmos is in a perpetual state of dance: this dance is a movement of physics, mathematics, art, music, plants, animals, water, mountains, clouds, and most importantly our minds, without any boundaries between these expressions of nature. By dancing lightly through different conversations and activities, we will discover together that life is a movement of relationships between all parts of the whole, and understanding the immensity of these relationships is the art of living, which is the true meaning of meditation, the fountain of love. We welcome your kids to join us on this journey. 



Week 1: Earth: We start with earth, our only home, and awaken our senses to all its movements.

Week 2: Earth and the Solar System: We begin to rise above earth, but with our feet still on the ground and our senses still open to all that is around us.

Week 3: Earth and Galaxies: Rising still, we remain on the ground while our imagination leaps outwards.

Week 4: Earth and the Cosmos: With our senses still fully awake and our imagination breaking its limits, we reach the ends of known and the beginning of the unknown.

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