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Summer School for Kids:
Understanding the Cosmos and Ourselves

Cosmic Summer is a summer program for kids in which we cultivate the insight that understanding the wholeness of the cosmos requires that along with the outer world, we also understand the inner world of our heart and mind. Such an understanding can help cultivate a meaningful and sensitive life, one in which we find a deep sense of inner purpose. By dancing lightly through different conversations and activities, we will discover together that life is a movement of relationships between all parts of the whole, and understanding the immensity of these relationships is the art of living, which is the true purpose of education, the fountain of love.

The purpose of the program is to create an environment in which kids can play and learn at the same time. The fundamental insight that guides our approach is the following: education has to be a process of cultivating and deepening a human’s sensitivity to the world instead of a process of desensitization by forcing them to do and learn certain things. The cosmos is a living whole, and in order to fully understand this wholeness, we have to understand ourselves at the same time as the cosmos. Knowledge of the outside world may help a person find a job, but without an understanding of the inner world of our mind, we can never learn how to live a meaningful and sensitive life, one in which we find a deep sense of inner purpose. This inner fire can help us move through life with great clarity in figuring out what aspects of life to dedicate our energy to. 

We will learn about different aspects of the cosmos, and come to see that life is a movement in which all parts are deeply interrelated. We hope to understand the structure of these interrelationships more deeply through the following activities:

Activities will include:

  • Scientific explorations through the lens of physics🔥, chemistry, ecology🌤, zoology🦊, botany  

  • Art projects including singing, dancing, theater, drawing, painting, building

  • Nature adventures including gardening, hiking, birding, forest restoration, plant identification

  • Fun activities including reading, yoga, sports, napping, hammocking

  • Guest visits by scientists, engineers, doctors, artists, singers, dancers, writers…


  • Age range: 6 to 13 years

  • Cost: $400/week for 5 hrs/day (cost is adjustable based on the number of hours)

  • For registration/questions, contact Adnan at or 203-361-6807

Frequently asked questions:

Where is the summer school located?
The summer school takes place at a private residence in Redmond. The residence has a large fenced backyard. It has an open area for play with large conifer trees marking the periphery.

Who runs the program?
Adnan will be running the program himself. When the number of kids exceeds a certain critical number, a counselor may join to help.

What ages is this program appropriate for?
The program is appropriate for kids aged 6-13. 

Are there recommendations on what to wear, or is that depending on the week?
Kids should dress appropriately for the weather on the given day.

Can I bring my kid for less than five hours a day?

Yes. Please specify the hours you would like to bring your kid in the registration email as described below.

How do we register?
Please register by sending an email to with the following:
Include the name and age of the kid/s.
Specify the dates for the week/s and the hours your kid/s would like to join.
Pay for the program by:
Venmo: @adnan-khan
Check: In person


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